If you’ve ever thought about running your own aid project, it’s not as simple as buying a plane ticket and gathering a wallet load of donations or a convoy full of food and blankets, and heading overseas.

The intentions may be good but there’s many complex procedures and challenges to consider.

All too often we see scenes of chaotic ‘do-it-yourself’ style aid distribution with people throwing aid from trucks and vans to crowds of refugees.

Just take a look at Yusuf and his experience to see for yourself:

From safeguarding vulnerable children and adults, cultural sensitivities, governmental procedures and bureaucracy and even looking after your own safety, aid distribution is harder than it looks. This is exactly what Yusuf soon discovered!

That’s why we are here to assist you. With over 30 years’ experience in the field, we know how to get things done in the safest, most efficient and dignified manner. Since 1984, we have saved and changed more than 117 million lives around the world. Right now we are working in more than 40 countries, ready to assist the most vulnerable people.

Islamic Relief not only responds to emergencies, we also support communities to rebuild their lives and increase resilience to ensure they are prepared for when a disaster happens.

We work to empower communities and ensure that all our staff are sufficiently trained, experienced and safeguarded as much as possible.

Saving lives isn’t easy, but donating to Islamic Relief is.

This Ramadan, please support Islamic Relief and help us save lives.

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