Muslim Action Guide

Key Stage 3 to adultUnfair trade rules continue to lock millions of people in the developing world in poverty. Two billion people – a third of humanity – work hard to support themselves yet still struggle to survive on just £1 a day or less. Fairtrade is a way to ensure that farmers receive a fair price for their produce.

This guide offers a Muslim perspective on Fairtrade by quoting the Qur’an and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to show why this initiative is so important in the Islamic faith.


Water Leaflet

Key Stage 2

Water is Life! It’s a simple enough quote to understand but do people really understand just how true it is? Do people really understand how far many millions of people around the world must travel every day just to get a drink of water? Do people really understand that children under the age of 10 must often carry heavy containers of water so their family can survive?This leaflet is designed to show children at KS2 and beyond, the importance of water (and lack of it), as well as other key problems faced by the world’s poor.


Islam & Environment

Key Stage 4

Islam encourages people to protect the earth and to maintain the balance in nature as created by God. We live, however, in a world of pollution, deforestation, climate change and desertification, and in this world, environmental concerns are often forgotten in favour of economic benefit. Yet the problems caused by environmental degradation will not only affect future generations, they already threaten the world’s population today.


Islam & Debt

Key Stage 4

It is well known that debt is one of the root causes of poverty in many poor countries. Less well known is how Islam, a religion with charitable giving, social rights and justice at its core, deals with the issue. Muslim teachings are rarely utilised in the international discourse on ‘unjust’ debt and its consequences, yet studying them reveals many ways that the debt crisis could be tackled and ways in which similar problems could be avoided in the future.



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