Abdi Farhan, aged 14 from Kenya, dreams of becoming an engineer. But living in the slums of Nairobi means his dreams may never become reality.

I have hopes…

Korogosho is a large slum in Nairobi, home to over 200,000 people, with many Kenyans of Somali ethnicity living here. Many of the children living in the slum are engaged in child labour or suffer from physical abuse.

Abdi Farhan says: “There is a security situation, no police here. I have seen people being robbed in daylight. I have hopes though. I hope to be an engineer, help my parents and get them out of the slum, go to the city.”

A chance at a bright future

We worked with a youth group in Kenya to implement a number of key initiatives to have a positive impact on the community. The project, which targeted 590 children aged 6 to 16, aimed to:

  • Educate children on their rights, to get them away from child labour and child marriage
  • Raise awareness among children, parents and the wider community about the negative impact of physical abuse towards children, as well as about the Islamic perspective on FGM
  • Provide child protection training for teachers, so they are able to identify early signs of physical abuse, or dangers at home
  • Develop understanding between children, parents and religious leaders for wider community cohesion.

Alhamdulillah, Abdi Farhan and hundreds of other children from the slums graduated from schools. They now have a chance at a bright future with better support networks to enable them to make their dreams a reality.
By donating to our children’s fund, you help us support children living in desperate circumstances who would otherwise have little chance of a bright future when they grow up.
Please donate generously and help give children like Abdi Farhan real hope for a better life.

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